I had not collected my university certificates for long. There were two reasons. One, I had not found enough time to travel to Orissa from where I did my graduation and two, I had on it (the certificate) an issue – a typo with my name on it. The second issue would ask for more of the time issue on the first. I had no sight of when I would gather courage to go and get it, and get it with the name corrected.

All that was needed to get out of the vicious negative thoughts was an international assignment at work, for which the original certificate was inevitable. My brother in US was more excited about it than I would have appeared to someone. My brother, he is a go-getter, there are many things you and I would get to learn from him, if we get to watch him facing the challenges in his life. He searched the internet while in US and called up the Vice Chancellor in my university and sent an email to him. The Vice Chancellor (a gem of a person, a highly qualified good soul, a Kristal…) was generous enough to respond to that mail. The task that I thought was MI (mission impossible) was reduced to a walk on the cake with a print of the e-mail in hand. MI is Mental Insanity if we let ourselves to live within our known boundaries. Okay, I broke free but this was not what I wanted to tell.

We (another friend of mine with similar issue) were roaming around in Baripada (a small town near to our college) and lo, there it was. A ‘thela’, set with ‘Hot Malpuas’ on offer. Lord!!! Ambrosia it was. We did not stop until we felt belly full. You would not believe but it was year 2009 and we paid just Rs 25 for the two of us. Orissa (now Odisha), will never be forgotten, and ‘Malupas’ is just one reason.