Snapped with the Snaps

A cousin who had stayed with us in his young days of learning had returned to us for a casual visit to our home in Orissa. He had come with the most modern camera and was taking snaps on the slightest provocation to this photographic instinct. We had met after a long time and though he stayed for an entire day, we barely got enough time – in between our chats and mother’s preparation to treat him well with his appetite – to take good snaps.

The afternoon nap (snapped my tired cousins snappy instincts) and then the 4 o’clock tea soon made my cousin realize that he really had to get some good snaps. The ladies got ready by 5:30pm and we started clicking from the land cultivated by my father. Soon the cousin felt that the nearby area in the colony should be covered and we came near a little vegetable vendor. Suddenly my aunt came from nowhere and started posing. And lo it started raining as well. The vegetable vendor guy came rushing with an umbrella and helped my aunt in getting the perfect picture in the rain. My aunt was filled with compassion for the little guy who showed so much concern. A crowd had gathered and the place where the aunt and the little guy stood turned into a theatrical stage.

My cousin was enjoying so I took the camera from him and started clicking and directing the actors on the stage. With dampened lights my photos were only barely good but the entire crowd enjoyed the drama on stage and people looked relaxed and relieved and full of joy. The show ended with my aunt kissing the little guy. A church priest suddenly appeared on the stage and appreciated me on my direction and the actors on the stage who mesmerized and entire crowd with their act. The darkness finally drew the curtain on the show and I got up from my bed and got hooked to writing down what I had just dreamed.